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5 Big Mistakes That Will Cut Your Affiliate Earnings Quickly

Imagine that you are earning an average of $500/month from your affiliate promotion. You promote the product with the same strategy each and every month, bringing you the same average amount of income each month. Is it possible for you to lose your income? Is it possible for you to stop earning that money and see a constant decline of your earnings down to $0/month? Yes, it’s possible if you make these ignorant mistakes. Here are 5 big mistakes that will cut your affiliate earnings quickly: 1. Stop Promoting High Converting Product In Favor Of Unknown Product You already make good income promoting a particular product, but there’s a new product coming that promises you bigger commission. You abandon your current promotion and devote your time and effort to promote this new product. And what’s the result? You fail to earn anything. Leaving a good-converting product in favor of unknown product is a common mistake that will drive you into the land of failure in affiliate marketing. 2. Ignoring The Importance Of Targeted Traffic All this time, you are promoting to your targeted audience only. Then, you decide to invest your money to expand your traffic source. Not only you are targeting your current audience, you also begin to target broader audience that might be interested in buying your affiliate product. The result is that you get less sales and more expenses. Remember that affiliate marketing can only be done properly if you are targeting the right audience for your product. Once you deviate from this rule, you are doomed to fail. 3. Stop Using The Strategy That Works Best For Your Promotion You bought a newest report about the latest search engine optimization strategy in which you learn that all things that used to work are no longer working. You believe in this information and start applying this information in your promotion. You change your strategy completely, abandoning your current promotion strategy that is working well already. The result? No sales and lack of traffic. Sometimes, it is better to stick with what works best for you despite of what “the experts” are saying. 4. Keep Changing Your Landing Page The exact wording of your landing page is the combination that allows you to earn your current level of affiliate income. If you keep changing your landing page, you will not be able to change your sales figure much, except if you really know what you do. Remember that if your landing page is already converting, then it is better to focus on attracting more traffic to your landing page instead of constantly tweaking your page. 5. Neglecting The Importance Of Good Relationship With Your Audience You keep on promoting your landing page despite many feedbacks and questions that your audience is asking you. You neglect them completely. You only focus on the promotion, and decide to abandon your relationship with your audience. The result is that your audience is leaving you slowly but surely, over a period of

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5 Social Media Strategies to Build Your Business Brand and Improve Your Sales

Ever wondered why your business doesn’t take off properly on social media? That’s because you are acting like the average Joe in social media marketing. You are using common tactics, common strategies, without any vision for the future. Social media can be used as your brand ambassadors if you know how to do it. Once you are able to build your brand on social media, sales will come in more quickly. Remember that you need to use exceptional marketing strategy to outdo your competitors. These are 5 advanced social media strategies to build your business brand and improve your sales: 1. At First, Swim against the Current When you first start in those social media platforms, you’ll see cold response from your target audience. I mean, you will see many people ignore you in social media. They don’t care about you, yet. That’s why you need to swim against the current at first. You don’t need to get frustrated if people don’t immediately notice your brand on social media. Start building your presence, keep posting your content, and keep promoting. The change will occur later if you keep your perseverance. 2. Content Varieties Matters You shouldn’t post only one type of content in social media. It is important for you to have variety of content so that people will feel entertained with the information that you provide. Post not only articles in your social media page, but also videos, audios, podcasts, infographics, memes, slideshows, and so on. Content varieties matters most in your success. You don’t want to be monotonous in your social media promotion. 3. Limit Your Platform It is better to focus on the platforms that matter for your business. If it is best for you to promote your business only on Facebook, then so be it. If you are a local business and wants local audience, perhaps Instagram and Facebook can be a good choice for you. It depends on your business needs, but you have to really care about your social media accounts later. You shouldn’t abandon them because you feel overwhelmed with them. Just pick the best ones and stick with them consistently. Remember the key: consistency. 4. Be the Leader in Your Industry You don’t want to be the follower that just tweets or posts latest news from popular news sources. No, you want to be the leader in your industry. You want to lead your audience with confidence, not with confusion. You have to be swift in giving information about trends and new breakthroughs in your industry. Also, it is always better to post your fresh and unique ideas related to your industry regularly. Why does it matter? It matters because it will help you to build your expert status quickly. That’s good for your brand, and good for you as well. 5. Take Control of All Your Social Media Presence You have to take control of all your social media presence. You won’t have any difficulty if you limit the social media

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Adsense Alternatives

There can be many reasons why you do not have Adsense on your site. One of the most

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5 Ways To Sell Your New Product Online And Start Making Money Immediately

Anyone can create a new product and sell it online. But, the difference between success and failure in

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Make Money Online With Poker. Is That Really Possible?

Are You Prepared To Take Your Poker Game To The Next Level? When it comes to poker, you have to realize that the choices you made regarding how you spent your time at the table, the effort you put in the game and the resources invested are not a gamble. Keep in mind that you only have so many chips to play and therefore, the decision of whether or not to invest them will ultimately dictate your success and fulfilment. If you feel you are ready to take poker to the next level and even intend to make a living out of playing the game, then know that your success boils down to knowing how much to invest in a hand, which hands to play and which hands to sit out. Here’s what else you should learn in order to maximize the odds of success. Your goal is not to win the most pots Irrespective of whether you have an overall positive attitude in life and you always tend to see the half-full half of the glass or you’re an adventurous player who’s not afraid to take risks, in the end you need to discipline yourself and refrain from playing all hands at the table. Granted, theoretically the more hands you play, the higher the chances of winning the pot. However, given the nature of the game, the more games you play, the more cash you stand to lose. Remember that the goal of the game is not to play the most hands, but rather end up with the most money. If you choose to play every hand, it means you will dilute your time, capacity and resources. Therefore, you won’t have anything left for investing on the big pots. Choosing the hands not to play is perhaps one of the paramount aspects of playing poker for a living. Don’t be scared to go ‘All in’ It is necessary to mention that choosing the hands that you shouldn’t play must not be confused with a conservative or defense approach. Instead, it refers to knowing how to make the right choices, meaning that when you’re dealt the right hand and the stakes are high, you should be ready to go ‘All in’. Without denying that going for dozens of small pots also constitutes a viable approach, keep in mind that one big hand can and will trump those small ones. This is ultimately how legends are formed and fortunes are made. Have the mental strength to walk away from a hand When playing poker, the situation when a hand seems like a sure thing at the start and everything falls apart afterwards as the cards began to unfold is very common. Truth be told, these are the hands that are the most difficult to walk away from, particularly after you invested a lot of chips in them. However, a skilled poker player will manage to break the illusion that he has a chance of winning the pot. As the memory of

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Some Very Practical Financial Betting Tips

When money is involved there is risk. Whether you’ve decided to invest or start a business, you’re betting on your skills and knowledge. In order to succeed you need to make the right choices and take the proper advice from the ones that did it before you.  Sometimes others’ mistakes are more valuable than a thousand books, so here are some tips that come from common errors. Know the market or business you go into. Never enter an area where you know nothing about, if you intend to spend money on it. You’ll surely make some mistakes that will disappoint you and make you lose money. Before acting on anything, learn as much as you can on it, ask your friends that did something similar or hire a professional to teach you what you need. Better you spend something in the beginning on information than spend more later on mistakes. Start low. Do not invest everything you have from the start, at least not in the money department. Invest time and knowledge, study the market and see what competitors you have, feel the reality of the financial movement, but wait a little before putting all your money on the table. Don’t get emotional. This doesn’t mean that you should not be happy if you succeed in what you’re doing, but don’t make decisions when your emotion levels are too high or too low. This is where many make mistakes. The money and the feelings should not mix or there will be loses. When you’re too happy, full of yourself or too sad, frustrated, then your mind changes perspective and you make different decisions. This is where “make business with a cool head” expression comes from. Expect some mistakes. Be prepared for some loses. You won’t be right all the time, and it shouldn’t be fun either. The market is very volatile and sometimes the unexpected happens. Take it like a man (you too ladies) and go forward. Even if other people’s mistakes are a very useful tool in improving your business, there is nothing as valuable to your future decisions as your own errors. So, when starting a business of your own or you begin making investments, you must know that things won’t be easy, there will be good times and bad times and you’ll work a lot more than you expect. Here comes the last tip: love your work. Before starting anything on your own, see if you like it. It is crucial that you’d be enthusiastic about it, otherwise it will be hell on earth for you and eventually you will fail.

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5 Tips to Turn Your Blog Headline into a Traffic Magnet

No matter how great your content, it will not matter much if no one reads it. Your blog