5 Big Mistakes That Will Cut Your Affiliate Earnings Quickly

Imagine that you are earning an average of $500/month from your affiliate promotion. You promote the product with the same strategy each and every month, bringing you the same average amount of income each month. Is it possible for you to lose your income? Is it possible for you to stop earning that money and see a constant decline of your earnings down to $0/month? Yes, it’s possible if you make these ignorant mistakes. Here are 5 big mistakes that will cut your affiliate earnings quickly:

1. Stop Promoting High Converting Product In Favor Of Unknown Product

You already make good income promoting a particular product, but there’s a new product coming that promises you bigger commission. You abandon your current promotion and devote your time and effort to promote this new product. And what’s the result? You fail to earn anything. Leaving a good-converting product in favor of unknown product is a common mistake that will drive you into the land of failure in affiliate marketing.

2. Ignoring The Importance Of Targeted Traffic

All this time, you are promoting to your targeted audience only. Then, you decide to invest your money to expand your traffic source. Not only you are targeting your current audience, you also begin to target broader audience that might be interested in buying your affiliate product. The result is that you get less sales and more expenses. Remember that affiliate marketing can only be done properly if you are targeting the right audience for your product. Once you deviate from this rule, you are doomed to fail.

3. Stop Using The Strategy That Works Best For Your Promotion

You bought a newest report about the latest search engine optimization strategy in which you learn that all things that used to work are no longer working. You believe in this information and start applying this information in your promotion. You change your strategy completely, abandoning your current promotion strategy that is working well already. The result? No sales and lack of traffic. Sometimes, it is better to stick with what works best for you despite of what “the experts” are saying.

4. Keep Changing Your Landing Page

The exact wording of your landing page is the combination that allows you to earn your current level of affiliate income. If you keep changing your landing page, you will not be able to change your sales figure much, except if you really know what you do. Remember that if your landing page is already converting, then it is better to focus on attracting more traffic to your landing page instead of constantly tweaking your page.

5. Neglecting The Importance Of Good Relationship With Your Audience

You keep on promoting your landing page despite many feedbacks and questions that your audience is asking you. You neglect them completely. You only focus on the promotion, and decide to abandon your relationship with your audience. The result is that your audience is leaving you slowly but surely, over a period of time. You start losing traffic and sales. This is the mistake that you have to avoid in your affiliate promotion. Building good relationship with your audience should be your priority.

Those ignorant mistakes can really fail you and burn your business. If you keep doing those mistakes in your affiliate promotion, chances are you will start losing many sales and traffic in the process.