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What You Should Know About Trading Trends

First of all, in a trading market sometimes the numbers go up, sometimes they go down. If the movement continues for a period of time in one direction, that is called a trend. These trading trends are very important to make you decide to buy or to sell, when to do it and what to expect. These trends are not always crystal clear for the trader. In fact, most of the times, they are really messy. In order to understand what the market is telling you, a little analysis would be welcomed. If the trend Read more [...]

Some Very Practical Financial Betting Tips

When money is involved there is risk. Whether you’ve decided to invest or start a business, you’re betting on your skills and knowledge. In order to succeed you need to make the right choices and take the proper advice from the ones that did it before you.  Sometimes others’ mistakes are more valuable than a thousand books, so here are some tips that come from common errors. Know the market or business you go into. Never enter an area where you know nothing about, if you intend to spend Read more [...]

If You Like Volatility, FOREX Investment Is What You Were Made For

If you want to invest, then try to analyze your options first. Think about what things appeal to you in life. Do you like stability and security or are you enjoying the risks and the unknown? If you are from the first category, then you could try buying some land, buildings or gold, diamonds, art pieces; things that will surely increase or at least maintain their value over time. If you are one of the risk lovers, then you will find it more interesting to have your own business or play in trade markets Read more [...]