What You Should Know About Trading Trends

First of all, in a trading market sometimes the numbers go up, sometimes they go down. If the movement continues for a period of time in one direction, that is called a trend. These trading trends are very important to make you decide to buy or to sell, when to do it and what to expect. These trends are not always crystal clear for the trader. In fact, most of the times, they are really messy. In order to understand what the market is telling you, a little analysis would be welcomed. If the trend Read more [...]

Who Is Participating In FOREX Market Trades

FOREX is a virtual online market where people trade currency from all over the world. So who does participate in FOREX market trades? The biggest participants are the super banks (the largest banks in the world); they are trading huge amounts of currencies every day and set the buy/sell spread. Another player on the FOREX market is represented by the big companies. Some of them trade enough currency in order to determine fluctuations on the market. The governments and Central Banks are also important Read more [...]